Advantages of the public transport bicycle

  • You can cycle to your destination quickly and easily.
  • National formula with nearly 300 hire locations.
  • A public transport bicycle subscription costs €10.00 per year.
  • You can hire up to two public transport bicycles per subscription.
  • One flat fee of €3.35 per day (until midnight).
  • You can hire the public transport bicycle for up to 72 hours each time.
  • You pay by direct debit in arrears and are sent monthly invoices.

    For more information, please visit the website for the public transport bicycle. The website also describes how you can purchase a subscription.


    Hiring a public transport bicycle

    You can hire the public transport bicycle at the metro or railway stations below

    • Rotterdam Central
    • Blaak 
    • Alexander
    • Capelsebrug
    • Zuidplein
    • Spijkenisse Centre
    • Schiedam Centre
    • Hoogvliet 
    • Rodenrijs
    • Pijnacker Zuid
    • Pijnacker 
    • Nootdorp
    • The Hague Laan van NOI
    • The Hague Centraal
    • Slinge 
    • Kralingse Zoom 
    • Wilhelminaplein 
    • Marconiplein

    Public transport bicycle

    The public transport bicycle is the easy rental bike public transport passengers can use to complete the final part of their trip. The public transport bicycle can be used to quickly travel from the metro or train station to your appointment, a museum or a party and back again. You decide the route and your departure time and you arrive at the exact place where you want or need to be.