The RET thinks it is important that everyone can travel comfortably and safely. Therefore, we make every effort to make transport as accessible as possible to travellers, including children and the disabled.

Travelling with a physical impairment

Are you in a wheelchair or do you have difficulty walking? The RET takes this into account and aims to ensure that your trip runs as smoothly as possible.

Travelling with an impairment

Legibility of the website

Do you find it difficult to read the web texts?
This how you can increase the fond on your screen:

  • Internet Explorer: in the menu bar, click ‘view’ and then on ‘text size’.
  • Google Chrome: in the menu bar, click on ‘customise and control’ and then on (+) or (-) next to ‘Zoom’.
  • Mozilla Firefox: in the menu bar, click ‘open menu’, and then on (+) or (-)
  • Use Adobe Acrobat to zoom in and out of downloaded PDF files. Click the (+) plus or (-) minus button in the menu bar at the top.