Travel products

The RET offers a variety of travel products. Below you will find the frequently asked questions regarding travel costs and the public transport card.

What does this journey cost?
It is easy to calculate the cost of your journey using the journey planner. By entering your journey, the journey planner will generate the price of your journey. Visit the journey planner

Where can I buy a day ticket?
Buying a day ticket is easy from one of the Sales & Top-up machines at the stations, or by downloading the RET Barcode App on your Android or Apple phone.

Is it best to buy a day ticket or a 2-hour ticket?
That depends on your journey. If your journey is going to take less than 2 hours, it is convenient to buy the 2-hour ticket. However, if you are going to be travelling for longer (and potentially more frequently), we recommend a day ticket.

How can I top up my credit?
To load credit onto your OV-chipkaart, please visit one of the Sales & Top-up machines which can be found in all RET metro stations. All Sales & Top-up machines will allow you to pay using your electronic payment card.

How much credit is on my OV-chipkaart?
This is easiest to check at one of the Sales & Top-up machines at the metro stations. If you want to check online how much credit you have remaining on your OV-chipkaart, please use the Balance Checker at

My OV-chipkaart has been lost or stolen. What do I do now?
If your personal OV-chipkaart has been lost or stolen, make sure that you get your card blocked as soon as possible. You can do this yourself online at if you have a 'Mijn OV-chipkaart’ account.

Where can I hand in an OV-chipkaart that I’ve found?
If you have found a personal OV-chipkaart, you can hand it in at the closest RET Service point or send it to the address stated on the card. On behalf of the owner of the card: thank you very much! 

What should I do if my OV-chipkaart is broken?
If you are no longer able to check in, first check whether there is sufficient credit on your card. If there isn’t, please top up your balance at a machine (which can be found at every metro station).

If your personal OV-chipkaart has cracked, broken, been bent, or suffered other visible damage, it probably won’t work anymore. Log in at Mijn OV-chipkaart or create an account first. Then request a replacement card at

If it is possible that your card has invisible damage and there is still remaining credit left on it, please ask an RET Service Point to check it first. They will also be able to help you if your card needs to be replaced. Check online our locations and opening hours.

I have forgotten to check in, what do I do now?
If you have forgotten to check in, you still need to check in as soon as possible, otherwise you are committing an offence and risk receiving a fine. 

I have forgotten to check out, what do I do now?
If you forget to check out, you will have lost the entire boarding price (€ 4,-). To reclaim the excess amount paid, go to