Travelling with barcode

Using the RET Barcode App, you can easily buy a mobile ticket for bus, tram and metro operated by RET via your phone. Ideal if you don't have your OV chip card on you or when there's no vending machine around. You can use the barcode to check in and out of the metro, and in the bus and tram you can just show your ticket on your mobile phone to the driver or conductor. View the fares on the product and pricing page.


How does a mobile ticket with barcode work?

  1. Download the RET Barcode App from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store
  2. Create an account
  3. Buy a mobile ticket when it suits you. You can pay with iDEAL or credit card
  4. Activate your ticket before travelling by metro, bus, tram, BOB-bus or Fast Ferry
  5. Use the barcode on the mobile ticket to check in and out of the metro. In the bus, tram, BOB-bus and Fast Ferry, you show your mobile ticket to the driver or conductor

Please note: your mobile ticket is valid for 24 hours. After activation, the time period in which you can travel depends on the duration mentioned on your ticket.

When using an Android smartphone, disable the NFC connection while checking in and out, otherwise the messages on the display of the card reader are not clearly legible. 

View the terms and conditions of travelling with a RET 1 day mobile ticket.
And view the terms of travelling with a RET 2 hour barcode ticket.


New forms of payment occur in public transport. RET initiates partnerships with providers selling E-tickets available on your smartphone. 


Tranzer is an app that allows you to plan a trip and then purchase a ticket for public transport. Select your app store to download the Tranzer app. After you have downloaded the app and created an account, you can use Tranzer to plan your trip and purchase your ticket. Your ticket will be displayed in the app after purchase. Tranzer tickets are not valid in the metro network of RET.  


Read the product terms and conditions