Complaints procedure

It is of course possible that you are not entirely satisfied with the services provided by the RET. If so, you can make this known to the RET.
The RET has a complaints procedure. It describes how you can submit your complaint and how it will be dealt with.

You can tell the RET about your experiences with the RET in different ways:


Complete and submit the online form on the website.


Call 0900-5006010 (Standard call charges, lines are open from 9am to 5pm. Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays).

Ordinary post

You can also send the RET your complaint by post:

Afdeling Klantenservice
Postbus 112
3000 AC Rotterdam

The handling of your complaint

The RET aims to respond within five working days of receiving your message.

If your complaint relates to an official report or the attitude of a Public Transport Conductor, you will receive a reply within 30 days.

The RET treats your complaint with the utmost care and always formulates its response by hearing both sides of the argument. Your complaint may also lead to an investigation in the department your complaint relates to. If the RET needs more time to prepare to deal with your complaint, you will notify you thereof.

In certain cases, you are entitled to compensation of the costs. Please consult our Passenger's charter (Only available in Dutch) for more information.

Other authorities

If you do not agree with the outcome of the RET handling the complaint, you can escalate the complaint by contacting the following independent bodies:

Public Transport Desk

The Public Transport Desk acts as the public transport ombudsman and can mediate between you and the RET in order to resolve the situation together. For more information about the Public Transport Desk and how to contact them, please visit the Public Transport Desk website.

Public Transport Disputes Committee

If you prefer your complaint to be settled by a decision, you can submit the case to the Public Transport Disputes Committee. For more information on the disputes committee and how you can contact them, please visit the Public Transport Disputes Committee website.