P+R sites

P+R sites in Rotterdam and its surrounding area allow you to park your car and continue your journey by public transport. You thus avoid the busy traffic in the centre and you quickly reach your destination.

Plan your trip with our trip planner and check the P+R sites on the map.
For further information on the P+Rs in Rotterdam, click on the P+R page (only available in dutch) of the municipality of Rotterdam.

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P+R Alexander, Slinge and Kralingse Zoom

Most P+R sites in and around Rotterdam offer free parking if you continue your trip using public transport and your public transport chip card.

How does it work?

When entering the P+R site, take a parking ticket from the vending machine. After you have parked your car, continue your trip by public transport. Upon return, enter your parking ticket at the point-of-sale terminal and hold your public transport chip card in front of the reader. The reader checks whether you travelled from the relevant station. If you want to pay at the point-of-sale terminal within one hour after checking out on the bus, tram or metro, you pay the parking fee of € 2.00.
The normal parking fee applies at the P+R site for parking whilst not travelling by public transport.