The RET works together with Greenwheels, the largest car sharing concept in the Netherlands.

If you want to travel with Greenwheels, you have access to a large fleet of cars. These cars are ready and waiting at more than 1,600 locations in the Netherlands. This means a car is always available close to where you are.

Where can Greenwheels cars be found?

Greenwheels can be found throughout the RET transport service zone. For the nearest available car, check

Advantages of Greenwheels

Some of the advantages of Greenwheels:

    • Cars are easy to find, book and use at any given time.
    • You only pay when you actually use the car.
    • Greenwheels cars can be found in reserved parking spaces.
    • Car sharing is sustainable.
    • Greenwheels can be easily combined with public transport.
    • If needed, Greenwheels are also available in larger vehicle formats.

      Visit the Greenwheels website to read more about how to become a Greenwheels user.