Public transport information for Stena Line passengers

Replacement bus service for the railway line between Hoek van Holland and Schiedam Centrum from 1 April 2017
On Friday 31 March 2017, the last train will use the railway line between Hoek van Holland and Schiedam Centrum. Before the Rotterdam metro can run on this line, the track, safety systems and stations need to be modified. During this work, the Rotterdam public transport provider RET will be laying on replacement bus services between the stations between Hoek van Holland and Schiedam Centrum.

Bus line 711: express service between Hoek van Holland Zeeplein and Schiedam Centrum station
This bus line stops at the stops Zeeplein, Hoek van Holland Strand and Hoek van Holland Haven in Hoek van Holland, and at Schiedam Centrum station. Travel time is about 30 minutes. Frequency:

  • Four times per hour during the morning and afternoon rush hours on weekdays.
  • Three times per hour during the daytime on weekdays.
  • Twice per hour during the daytime at weekends and every evening.

Check the time table here. 

Stena Line passengers can use bus line 711 to travel direct to Schiedam Centrum station. From there, they can continue their journey by metro to Rotterdam CBD and by train to Delft, The Hague, Amsterdam and beyond or to Rotterdam Central Station (= Rotterdam Centraal), Gouda, Utrecht, Breda and beyond.
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Travel products for Stena Line passengers
RET – NS Combi-Ticket : valid for RET and NS
RET 1 Day Full-Fare : valid for RET
Tourist Day Ticket : valid on bus, tram and metro in Zuid-Holland

Where are these travel products on sale?
RET – NS Combi-Ticket:
- On board Stena Line ships
- Online or by phone as part of a 'crossing + public transport' package

RET 1 Day Full-Fare:
- On board Stena Line ships
- From the RET ticket machines at bus stops/metro stations

Tourist Day Ticket:
- On board Stena Line ships

How do I get my NS-RET Combi-Ticket if I buy it as part of the 'crossing + public transport' package?
Customers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg:
The NS-RET Combi-Ticket will be sent out approximately 4 weeks before departure by Stena Line, provided payment has been received for the package and the ticket is part of the reservation. You will not receive separate train tickets for the part of your journey in England. Your printout of your Stena Line confirmation will also serve as your train ticket. For bookings up to 8 days before departure, NS-RET Combi-Tickets are sent out immediately after payment.

Customers in the United Kingdom:
Stena Line hands the tickets to UK customers in Harwich on the day of departure; so in the UK, no tickets are sent out by post but instead passengers receive them at check-in on board, provided payment for the package has been received and the ticket is part of the reservation. You will not receive separate train tickets for the part of your journey in England. Your printout of your Stena Line confirmation will also serve as your train ticket. 

How do I use the NS-RET Combi-Ticket?
The NS-RET Combi-Ticket is a disposable public transport chip card ('OV-chipkaart') loaded with a special travel product that allows you to make a single rail journey on NS (2nd class) to/from any railway station in the Netherlands and on all RET's bus, tram and metro lines except the night buslines. It is a single ticket allowing you to travel with both public transport providers by checking in and out.

Where is the NS-RET Combi-Ticket valid?
You can use the ticket for unlimited travel on RET buses, trams and metros for 2 hours after checking in for the first time. Changes are permitted. Not valid on the night buslines (= BOB bus).

On NS:
You can make a single journey between two NS stations in the Netherlands. Changes are permitted. Valid on all NS trains (2nd class). For Intercity Direct and ICE, a supplement is required. Not valid on Thalys.

The NS-RET Combi-Ticket is valid on the date it is first used to swipe in. For public transport purposes, a day begins at midnight and ends at 04:00 a.m. on the following day.

Ticket & top-up machines
At the ticket & top-up machines, you can top up your balance or load a travel product onto your public transport chip card ('OV-chipkaart'). Don't have an OV-chipkaart and/or only travelling once? You can choose from RET 2-hour, RET 2 x 1-hour or RET 1-day tickets. At the machines you can pay with debit card (MAESTRO, VPAY), credit card (MASTERCARD, VISA) and coins.
There is a ticket & top-up machine at Hoek van Holland Haven immediately beside the exit from the Stena Line.
Other travel products available from ticket & top-up machines are:

  • Anonymous OV-chipkaart , which you can top up
  • Top up your pay-as-you-go credit
  • Various subscriptions

Will through-ticketing continue to exist between British and Dutch stations?
Yes, this will continue to exist. Nothing will change to the existing offer and rates. The train ticket which can currently be used to travel from Hoek van Holland Haven station to any NS station in the Netherlands will be replaced by a single ticket which you can also use to travel on RET. This is the NS-RET Combi-Ticket.
In order to travel to any Greater Anglia station in England, you should use the confirmation issued by Stena Line. Your printout of your Stena Line confirmation will also serve as your train ticket. 

Can I still use my Interrail pass?
Yes, Interrail passes will continue to be accepted on the RET route between Hoek van Holland Haven and Schiedam Centrum. From 1 April, you will be able to use your Interrail pass for travel on the RET buses which will be providing public transport on that route. Show the bus driver your Interrail pass when boarding.