The Fast Ferry travel rules

The RET aims to bring you to your destination quickly and comfortably. In order to ensure everyone can travel as pleasantly as possible, travel rules apply. These company rules are based on the Passenger Transport Act 2000, Sections 70 to 73. The law aims to secure order, peace and safety in public transport.

For your own safety, you must follow the instructions issued by RET staff at all times. If you do not comply with the company rules, you can be fined. Any damage caused will be fully recovered from the perpetrator(s).

The travel rules below apply specifically to the Fast Ferry. Click here to check the general travel rules of the RET.

Valid ticket

In order to travel by public transport, you must have a valid ticket. You can buy a ticket on board the Fast Ferry (single crossing, day return or 20-crossings card). You need to pay in cash, as card payments are not accepted. The public transport chip card, strip tickets, (star) subscriptions and public transport season tickets are not accepted on the Fast Ferry.


The Fast Ferry and a number of pontoons are equipped with CCTV and video surveillance. The Data Protection Authority has been notified thereof.

Bicycles and mopeds

Bicycles can be taken onto the Fast Ferry, free of charge. Place them against the appropriate fencing and secure them properly. Moped can also be taken on board free of charge, but you need to stay with your vehicle. When boarding, (motor) cyclists must get off their vehicles (and switch the engine off). Any damage to bicycles or mopeds sustained during the trip will be at the expense of the bicycle or moped owner.

Skates and boards

You are not permitted to be on roller-skates or on a skateboard when on board or on the pontoon.

Wheelchairs and mobility scooters

If you are in a wheelchair or if you assist a person in a wheelchair, you can travel on the Fast Ferry. However, there are no facilities to secure the wheelchair on the Ferry. Please keep this in mind when planning your trip.

If you are in a wheelchair, accessing the pontoon at Landtong without an assistant is not possible.   Therefore, if you are in a wheelchair and you need to get on or off at this stop, make sure someone is with you to help you out. The other pontoons are suitable for wheelchairs. A mobility scooter can also go on the Fast Ferry, yet the pontoon at Landtong is not suitable for mobility scooters. Therefore, if you need to get on or off at this stop, make sure to bring an assistant.

Food and drink

Bringing food or drinks onto the Fast Ferry that can cause damage to the ship or the clothing of fellow passengers, such as ice-creams, French fries or beverage cans is not permitted.

No smoking

Smoking on board is not permitted.

Photography and filming

Without their permission it is not allowed to photograph, film or record our staff. 

Noise nuisance

Everyone wants to be able to travel in peace and quiet. Therefore, do not disturb your fellow travellers with loud conversations, phone calls or music. The RET can grant permission for special occasions. 


Dogs can be taken along, free of charge. If you own a large dog, you must keep it on a leash. Small dogs may be carried in a bag or basket.

Buggies and prams

You are allowed to take a buggy or pram onto the Fast Ferry.

Ferry out of service

The ferry can be taken out of service as a result of poor weather conditions such as fog, storm, floating ice, extremely low or high tides or breakdowns on or in the ship. In that case, you will need alternative transport. Please contact the RET Customer Service by calling 0900-5006010 (standard call charges).

In strong or gale-force winds (force 7 or 8), some services may be cancelled. Keep this in mind when planning your trip. In the event of storm (force 9) the fast ferry does not cross.