Set sail with the Fast Ferry and do a little seal-spotting along the way

Experience the Port of Rotterdam with the Fast Ferry from Hoek van Holland. Cruise past huge sea-going ships and do a little seal spotting along the way. Hop on your bike and pay a visit to Futureland, the beach at Maasvlakte 2 or stroll through the lovely nature conservation area on the Landtong peninsula.

Mooring locations for summer season

The Fast Ferry runs to the 'Scheurhaven Landtong' stop in Rozenburg during the summer only: not in the winter season.

Hoek van HollandBerghaven Hoek van Holland
Maasvlakte 2Antarcticaweg Maasvlakte
Maasvlakte 1Transferium Maasvlakte
EuropoortPistoolhaven Europoort
RozenburgScheurhaven Landtong



Departure times

The Fast Ferry travels from the Hoek van Holland to the Maasvlakte in approximately 20 minutes. An entire round trip that includes every stop takes around 60 minutes to complete. During the winter months (Monday, 28 October 2019 through Friday, 27 March 2020), the Fast Ferry runs according to a different timetable and moors at fewer stops than in the summer period. From November through the end of March, the Ferry does not run at the weekends.

Fares for 2019-2020

An OV-chipkaart is not valid for use on the Fast Ferry. It is possible to purchiase one-way or round-trip tickets on board the ferry; cash is accepted. A round-trip ticket is valid for one cicuit past all stops. Children aged under 4 years travel free. If you have a smartphone, you can also use the RET Barcode App to purchase a one-way ticket. More information on this is available here on this page.

Bring your bicycle or moped free of charge

A wide range of cycling and hiking paths depart from Hoek van Holland and take you - via the Fast Ferry - past familiar and less well-known spots in the port area. Bring your own bicycle or moped with you on the Fast Ferry (free of charge) and follow one of the cycle or hiking routes on the Maasvlakte or Landtong peninsula.

- During your journey, spot seals between the stops 'Berghaven Hoek van Holland' and 'Antarcticaweg Maasvlakte'.
- From the 'Antarcticaweg Maasvlakte' stop, it's only a 10-minute bicycle ride to FutureLand. Visit the Information Centre or book a cruise tour or trip to learn everything there is to know about the largest port in Europe: the Port of Rotterdam.
- From the 'Transferium Maasvlakte' stop, you can take your pick of the Oostvoornse and/or Brielse Meer lakes, Rockanje, Brielle and Oostvoorne, where scenic cycling and hiking routes abound.
- Get off at the 'Scheurhaven Landtong' stop: a peninsula boasting an area of impressive natural beauty where you will find dunes and grassy landscapes which are home to unique species of flowers and birds. Follow the singposts for a lovely cycling or hiking route.
- Care for a brisk stroll or relaxing day on a beach undiscovered by the crowds? From the 'Antarcticaweg Maasvlakte' stop, it's only a 20-minute bicycle ride to Maasvlaktestrand beach at Maasvlakte II.

Cycling routes
Routes starting from Berghaven Hoek van Holland, Antarcticaweg Maasvlakte or Scheurhaven Landtong:
- The 'Two Worlds' route (35 km)
- A round-trip past the Europoort and Maassluis with the Fast Ferry (45 km)
- Seal-spotting route departing from Hoek van Holland (50 km)
- 'Telegraph' cycling route: a tour of the Maasvlakte. A unique experience! (52 km)
- 'New land': Maasvlakte II (54 km)

Hiking routes
Route can be reached from the 'Transferium Maasvlakte' stop:
- Voornepad path, which goes around the Oostvoornse Meer (lake). Follow the yellow-red-yellow stickers (12,6 km)
- The 'Bird boulevard' route (15,5 km)

House rules

Because the RET strives to provide a pleasant and comfortable ferry ride for all its passengers, the following house rules apply.

More information

If you have questions, please contact the RET Customer Service via klantenservice(at), +31 (0)900 500 6010 (usual costs from your provider apply), or by sending a WhatApp message to +31 (0)6 2889 2889.