Update: Monday 25 May 2020

From 1 June, RET will be operating a 100% timetable, with a maximum occupancy of around 40%. Face masks are compulsory on public transport for passengers aged 13 and over from 1 June. The following continues to apply to all passengers: adhere to the general RIVM hygiene advice, work from home if possible and stay at home if you have cold or flu symptoms. 

Coronavirus measures

Changes with regard to face masks

  • From 1 June, travellers aged 13 and over will be required to wear a face mask when on public transport.
  • This requirement does not apply to platforms, stations and stops.
  • Passengers are responsible for purchasing a face mask.
  • Passengers not wearing a face mask will risk a fine of € 95.
  • RET staff will also be wearing face masks or face shields, with the exception of drivers and vehicle operators for traffic safety reasons.
  • Passengers can buy face masks and hand sanitizer from shops and vending machines at a number RET metro stations.

100% timetable
As on every public holiday, RET will be operating a Sunday timetable on Monday 1 June because of Whitsun. From Tuesday 2 June, we will again be operating virtually our entire regular timetable. Exceptions to the 100% timetable (not including changes due to engineering work):

  • The Fast Ferry will continue to operate a winter timetable.
  • There will be no extra services to Hoek van Holland on line B.
  • The BOB bus and weekend metro will not run.
  • The buses 601, 602, 603, 604. 606 and 607 do not run

Before you travel, check the latest departure times in the RET Real Time App (IOS) and (Android) or plan your journey with the RET Journey Planner. RET will continue to carefully monitor occupancy levels in the coming period. As in previous weeks, this may lead to minor changes to the timetable after 1 June.


Do you live more than 8 km from school and have no alternative means of transport? Then you may travel by public transport, provided you adhere to the corona rules: keep your face mask on, keep your distance, follow walking routes and of course have a valid ticket with you. A permission form to travel is not required. It can happen that it is too busy to keep enough distance. In that case, take your own responsibility and follow any instructions given by RET personnel.

Travelling with barcode

It’s not possible to buy your ticket in the tram and bus. Download the RET Barcode App and easily buy a mobile ticket on your phone.

Other changes:

  • From 2 June the RET Servicepoints and Customer Service go back to their regular opening hours.
  • From 1 June, there will be active checks and enforcement on the wearing of face masks and valid tickets.
  • Vehicles and contact points in the vehicles are being cleaned more often.
  • Passengers are requested to wait for the next vehicle to arrive if the first one is too full.
  • Walking routes have been marked out at the biggest metro stations to help you maintain a safe distance as far as possible.

Working together to travel safely

From 1 June, RET will be operating a 100% timetable. The following rules apply on public transport:

Maintain sufficient distance in the vehicle.

Wearing a face mask is mandatory from the age of 13.

Doors will open automatically.

Let passengers get off first, then get on.

Buy your ticket using the RET Barcode App.

Keep 2 steps apart on escalators.

No more than 2 people in a lift.

Spread out along the platform.

Use a bike or scooter sharing service if you can.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will RET be selling face masks?
Retailers at RET stations are selling face masks. There will also be 10 vending machines, where you can buy face masks and hand sanitizers yourself. These vending machines will be installed at the following metro stations:

1. Beurs metro station
2. Capelsebrug metro station
3. Kralingse Zoom metro station
4. Maashaven metro station
5. Rotterdam Central Station metro station
6. Schiedam Centrum metro station
7. Slinge metro station
8. Spijkenisse Centrum metro station
9. Wilhelminaplein metro station
10. Zuidplein metro station 

Are RET staff required to wear face masks?
When RET employees are in the vehicles amongst passengers, they will be wearing face masks or face shields. For traffic safety reasons, drivers and vehicle operators will not be wearing face masks when operating their vehicles. 

What is the maximum number of passengers allowed in a vehicle?
The occupancy in the vehicles is approximately 40% of the maximum number of passengers in the vehicles before the coronavirus measures. The exact number will vary, depending on the (type of) bus, tram or metro. 

How will passengers who deliberately do not wear face masks be dealt with?
Anyone, whether RET staff member or passenger, can point out the obligation to wear a face mask whilst in a vehicle to another passenger.

What if RET ticket inspectors encounter a passenger without a face mask?
They will point out to them the consequences of failing to wear a face mask and the fact that face masks are compulsory whilst in public transport vehicles. The passenger will be given a first formal warning. This is logged by RET, so that we can see in the system that this passenger has already been warned. The second time, the passenger will be given a fine of 95 euros. 

Can I freeze my annual subscription?
You can cancel your annual subscription, but you cannot temporarily freeze it. You can cancel your annual subscription at an RET Service Point or by calling Customer Service. You can cancel your annual subscription free of charge in the period between taking out the subscription and two days after it takes effect. If you would like to cancel your annual subscription after this time, you can. Do bear in mind that you will have to pay a 5 euro administration charge and remove the travel product from your public transport chip card yourself at a top-up machine, and that there is a notice period of up to 1 month. You can find all the terms and conditions online (Dutch).

Is RET carrying out extra cleaning?
The vehicles and the contact points in the vehicles are being cleaned more frequently, including at rush hour. You may see the cleaners in the vehicles. 

RET has been operating a reduced timetable since the introduction of the national measures. How long will that continue?
RET has been operating a 50-60% timetable since Monday 23 March. As of 1 June, we are back to the pre-crisis timetable - in other words, 100% service levels. 

When do I have to wear a face mask?
All passengers over 13 years of age are required to wear a face mask whilst in the vehicles, as sufficient distance cannot be guaranteed there. If you can see that it will not be possible to maintain a 1.5-metre distance from others at the stop or on the platform, we advise you to wear your face mask there too. 

What kind of face mask should I wear?
A non-medical face mask that covers the nose and mouth. The covering should fit tightly to your skin. That means covering your face with a scarf or handkerchief is not sufficient. You can find more information on the requirements for face masks for use on public transport can be found on the website Overheid.nl. 

Can I eat or drink in public transport vehicles?
No. To be able to eat and drink you would have to take off your face mask in the vehicle, which is not permitted. 

A vehicle is approaching but I can see that it is very busy. Can I get on?
If possible, do not get on and wait for a less busy vehicle instead. Drivers and operators may continue on without stopping if a vehicle is in danger of becoming too full, in order to ensure sufficient distance. In that case, passengers should wait and take the next bus, tram or metro. 

Hasn’t the government prohibited gatherings of more than 30 people after 1 June?
That's right, but this rule does not apply to public transport.