Travel to the National Fireworks Display for free by metro

Rotterdam will be celebrating the New Year in style again this year with The National Fireworks Display on Erasmus Bridge. In addition to the National Fireworks Display on Erasmus Bridge, there will also be a second fireworks display at Nesselande this year. You can travel to both displays free of charge between selected metro stations.

Visitors are welcome to the fireworks displays from 22:30 in order to see out the old year and see in the new.

Following the success of previous years, this year Rotterdam municipality and RET are again offering free travel by metro between 22:00 and 02:00! The normal timetable will be suspended on New Year's Eve between 20:00 and 22:00. After 22.00, RET will deploy additional metros.

The timetable

On 31 December, metro lines B and E will operate a special timetable between 22:00 and 02:00. Please note: we won't be stopping at every intermediate metro station.

  • Between Meijersplein and Slinge, there will be a service every 10 minutes on metro line E;
  • Between Vijfsluizen and Capelsebrug, there will be a service every 20 minutes on metro line B;
  • Between Vijfsluizen and Nesselande, there will be a service every 20 minutes on metro line B.

This means there will be a metro service every 10 minutes between Vijfsluizen and Capelsebrug.

The access gates will be open between 22:00 and 02:00, allowing you to travel by metro for free. If you checked in on departure before the gates were open, don't forget to check out even if they are open at your destination.

Get off at one of the metro stations Beurs, Wilhelminaplein or Nesselande and you can walk to one of the fireworks displays in minutes.

Make sure you don't miss your last metro home!

RET metrostations oud en nieuw 2019-2020

Departure times of last metro services

From metro station To metro station Metro line Departure time
Wilhelminaplein Meijersplein E 01.58
Wilhelminaplein Slinge E 02.24
Beurs Vijfsluizen B 01.51
Beurs Capelsebrug B 02.25
Beurs Nesselande B 01.55
Nesselande Capelsebrug B 01.44
Nesselande Vijfsluizen B 01.24
Vijfsluizen Nesselande B 01.40
Vijfsluizen Capelsebrug B 02.10
Slinge Meijersplein E 01.50
Meijersplein Slinge E 02.12

Important information

For safety reasons, the lifts will not be operational on New Year's Eve. Please use the stairs or escalators. If you do need to activate a lift, you can ask one of the service staff at the station (or if necessary use the SOS button).

Do be aware that ticket and top-up machines will not be operational from 15:00 on New Year's Eve – with the exception of the machines at the following stations: Slinge, Kralingse Zoom and Alexander. These will be unavailable from 18:00.
All ticket and top-up machines will be available again from noon on Tuesday 1 January. So don't forget to top up your public transport chip card or buy a ticket ahead of time.

Fireworks are never permitted on RET vehicles (even if still in their packaging).
Bicycles are no longer permitted on RET vehicles after 16:00 on 31 December.

RET is expecting big crowds on New Year's Eve. Allow for longer journey times and crowded platforms and metro vehicles.


From 22:00 on 31 December, you can park for free* in P+R car parks at the metro stations. When you enter, take a parking ticket from the machine. When you leave, you can drive up to the barrier which will then open automatically.

* Please note!
The P+R car parks at Zuidplein and Schiedam Centrum are not free. If you are using P+R Slinge or P+R Kralingse Zoom, you can exit without paying until 05:00.

Addresses of P+R car parks

Metro station Motorway and exit Metro line Number of spaces Parking
Kralingse Zoom
Kralingse Zoom 70
A16 - Centrum (26) B 1,690 Free until 05:00
Fairoaksbaan 300
A20 - Centrum (14) E 500 Free
Slinge 763
A15 - Zuidplein (19a) E 716 Free until 05:00
A. v. Rijckevorselplein 40
A16 - Capelle a/d IJssel (25) B 370 Free
Alexanderlaan 35
A20 - Prins Alexander (16) B 572 Free until 05:00
Melanchthonweg, Rotterdam
N471 E 80 Free
Karel Doormanweg, Schiedam
A4 - Vlaardingen oost (16) B 88 Free
Schiedam Centrum
Brandersbrug, Schiedam
A20 Schiedam (11) B 168 Paid
Zuidplein, Schiedam
A15 - Vaanplein (19) E 1,500 Paid
Kralingseweg 461, Rotterdam
S127 B 102 Free

National Children's Fireworks Display

A National Children's Fireworks Display will again be held this year. The fireworks will be set off from pontoons in the water near Erasmus Bridge around 19:00. This event will take place at Holland Amerikakade in Rotterdam. The fireworks will also be visible from the opposite bank of the Maas.  
Travel by metro to Wilhelminaplein or Leuvehaven station and you can walk to the display in just a few minutes.

Plan your journey  

More information

You can find more information about the event itself at The National Fireworks Display website.