Company rules

For your own safety, you must follow the instructions issued by RET staff at all times. You are not allowed to disturb the peace, order and security at the stations, platforms, stops and in the vehicles. If you breach the company rules, you can be fined. Any damage caused will be recovered from the perpetrator(s).

What should you do if you witness vandalism, aggression or violence?

  • If you feel the situation is serious, call 112 immediately.
  • You can use the emergency pillars at the metro stations. You are connected with the RET control room straight away. CCTV gives them a live feed of what happens at the metro stations and take action.
  • If you are in a place with RET staff near you, report the incident to them instead. They will take further action.

If the incident is not a high priority event, please fill in the contact form. They will take the matter up with the Safety Department.

The company rules applicable to the BOB bus (Night bus) and the Fast Ferry (the boat) are different than those applicable to the metro, tram and bus. 

Valid ticket

If you use the services of the RET, you need to be in the possession of a valid ticket. You always need to check in and out while travelling by metro, tram or bus. The same applies if you are travelling with a season ticket or student pass. If you did not check in (correctly), you risk a fine of at least €38.50. This is in addition to the fare. If you buy a ticket on the bus or tram, pay with exact change, if you can. For safety reasons, drivers do not have much change and are therefore unable to accept notes of more than €20.00.

Check in at all times

In the vehicles, at the stations and at the platforms, you must be checked in with your public transport chip card at all times.

CCTV monitoring

For the safety of us all, the stations and vehicles are equipped with CCTV surveillance and video capturing equipment. In some vehicles, both audio and video is recorded. The Data Protection Authority has been notified thereof. Drivers do not have access to the recording equipment.

RET property

Treat the equipment and other property of the RET with due care. Do not vandalise the access gates, the check-in and check-out equipment and the emergency pillars. In the event of vandalism, you risk a fine of at least €90.00. Any damage caused will always be fully recovered from the perpetrator(s).

Prams and buggies

Taking your pram or buggy onto the bus, tram and metro is allowed. A sticker indicates where you can park it in the vehicle. A wheelchair takes priority.


Taking your dog onto the bus, tram and metro is allowed. Dogs travel free of charge. You do need to take into account the other travellers and keep the dog on a leash whilst in the vehicles and at the platforms. Dogs may not sit on the benches or seats.

Taking the bicycle onto the metro (or not)

Bicycles can only be taken onto the metro outside peak hours. This way the safety in the vehicles is guaranteed, also when it is busy. You cannot take your bike on the bus and tram. A folding bike can always be taken along, but it must be folded though.

Bicycles are permitted onto metro lines A, B, C, D and E:

  • Mondays to Fridays 9am – 4pm and after 6.30pm
  • Saturdays and Sundays, throughout the day

Taking your bicycle onto the metro during larger events is often not permitted, in view of the high passenger volumes expected. For up-to-date information, please check the timetable of your metro line.

No smoking

Smoking is not permitted in the stations, vehicles and at the stops; this includes e-cigarettes. If you do smoke, you risk a fine of at least €90.00.

Clean vehicles

Everyone likes their vehicle clean when travelling. After all, a clean vehicle means a comfortable trip. Therefore, you are not permitted to foul the vehicles, for example by putting your feet up on the seats.

No feed and drink

In order to keep things clean for all, consuming food or drinks in the vehicles is not permitted.

Skates and boards

For your own safety, as well as that of others, you are not permitted to be on roller skates, skateboards and suchlike at the stations, the stops and in the vehicles.

Noise nuisance

Everyone wants to be able to travel in peace and quiet. Listening to (load) music or otherwise causing excessive noise levels is therefore not permitted, unless the RET has granted permission for special occasions.

General conditions

If you travel by public transport of the RET, the General Terms and Conditions of Public urban and district transport apply.