BOB bus company rules

The BOB bus and RET aim to bring you to your destination quickly and comfortably. In order to ensure everyone can travel as pleasantly as possible, company rules apply. These company rules are based on the Passenger Transport Act 2000, Sections 70 to 73. The law aims to secure order, peace and safety in public transport.

For your own safety, you must follow the instructions issued by RET staff at all times.

Valid ticket

In order to travel on the BOB bus, you must have a valid ticket. This can either be in the form of a public transport chip card using your balance, or you can buy a single ticket on the bus. If you travel without a valid ticket, you will be fined €38.50. This is payable on top of the fare.

No smoking

Smoking at the metro stations and in the RET vehicles is not permitted. This includes BOB buses. The e-cigarette is also included in the ban and therefore prohibited.

No bicycles

You are not allowed to take your bicycle onto the BOB bus.

Skates and boards

Getting onto the BOB bus on roller-skates or skateboards is not permitted, as this can endanger you and other passengers.

No feet on the chairs

Resting your feet on the chairs is not allowed.

Noise nuisance

Producing excessive noise levels is not permitted.

Food and drink

On the BOB-bus, you are not allowed to eat or drink anything that can cause damage to the bus or your fellow passengers.

No vomiting

Keep the BOB bus clean and pleasant for yourself and your fellow passengers. Therefore: try not to be sick, please.


The metro stations and a number of buses are equipped with CCTV and video surveillance. The Data Protection Authority has been notified thereof.

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